145 Webster St, Hanover, MA
(Rt. 53 behind Stop & Shop)


RSVP, Attendance and Late Policy

To ensure everyone has the same opportunity to workout at the time they desire and to make sure classes aren’t too crowded, we ask all members to adhere to the following policy.

You must RSVP your class by 9pm the night prior for AM classes, and by 2 hours prior for PM classes. If there are no reservations for an AM class by 9pm the night prior or for a PM class 2 hours prior, the class is canceled. We recommend that you RSVP your classes for the week and cancel reservations as needed.

There is a 11-person limit for all regular classes and a 5-person waitlist. If you are signed up for a class and find out you can’t make it, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible so someone else can use your open slot.

If you are on the wait list and a spot becomes available, you will receive a notification email.

When you attend a class you must check-in before the start of class. This will automatically show you as attending the class.

In the event that you show up for a class for which you have not RSVP’d, if the class is at full capacity, you will not be able to train.

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that prevent you from showing up to class early or on time. Unlike some other gyms, we don’t implement “burpee penalties” or anything of that sort for being late.

We do, however, want to stress the importance of the warm-ups and WOD briefing that occurs in the beginning of every class. The coaches take you through dynamic warm-ups each day that focus on prepping your joints and muscles for that particular WOD. We also routinely see what injuries or other issues athletes may have that day to properly scale or modify the WOD for that day. Our warm-ups and briefings are designed to not only help you perform better, but to allow you to train safely. When you do show up late, we do our best to warm you up, brief you, and get you caught up to the rest of the class, without taking attention away from those who showed up on time.

We ask that you please do NOT show up late, past the warm up. If this occurs, we ask that you wait until the next class in the lobby. At this point in time, the coaches are already focused on coaching the other members through the WOD and to divert their attention to one or two late people to ensure a proper warm up just isn’t fair, nor safe, for the other members. Also, if you do show up after the warm up, please do not “sneak” into class by warming up on your own. You do not know if we prescribed specific mobility drills or special briefing in your absence. We simply do not want injuries to occur.

So in a nutshell: Show up during the warm up: We’ll get you caught up. Show up during the WOD: Wait until the next class.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at info@crossfitsouthshore.com or call us at 617-633-4871.